1. It’s #tabletoptuesday somewhere. pic @seanienewton #haggard #buttaface #johnker #canyoudothatagain

  2. Session 260/365 with @seanienewton (pictured here blasting the hip) was super fun and, dare I say, productive. #rideeveryday #picturemeblastin #hotdoggin

  3. My best riding selfie to date. I love that dog! Session 259/365. #rideeveryday #doberman #cruiserkook #getinwhereyoufitin

  4. I’ve barely been home for the last week but I’m not letting the days slip through my fingers. Took some elbow grease to get the jumps going and they were still pretty soggy, but these fleeting moments of airborne bliss make it all worthwhile. Session 258/365 #rideeveryday #turnbar #turnipgreens #eatyourgreens #inbetweendays #thecure

  5. William S Burroughs and Husker Du with a Keith Herring painting in the background. Trifecta of inspiration (photo from the Bob Mould autobiography-thanks Stew).

  6. Put me in, coach. Session 257/365 #rideeveryday #soccertourney

  7. There’s no place like home. Session 256/365. #rideeveryday #powerwheelie

  8. You can take the escalator, or you can take the stairs…I’m digging deep for more metaphors about how much better life is without drinking. I’ve climbed this mountain more times with a hangover than without, sometimes near tears from exhaustion or just beaten down from long nights and even longer days of self-inflicted misery (and self-pity). I don’t have any real regrets from that (long) chapter of my life, but man, I’m glad it’s over. Based on the number of conversations about this subject the last few days, a lot of my friends are glad it’s over for them as well. And I didn’t even get a chance to talk to @richfranz #leavinglasvegas

  9. Session 255/365. Sorry about the elbows and thanks for the support. #rideeveryday

  10. The mantelpiece. @subrosabrand