1. The odd couple.

  2. Pep rally.

  3. I promised I wouldn’t complain about the heat. I won’t.

  4. Ramp up the Jawn.

  5. 6:00AM flight? Gotta get one in before take-off. Session 203/365 #rideeveryday

  6. This one is dedicated to Jim Melton, the “JM” of JMC/BMX, who passed
    away yesterday. JMC was one of the most influential brands and teams of
    the 70s/80s. JMC frames and parts were innovative, well made and just
    plain classy. Jim never sold out (not even a little bit). JMC was
    always 100% USA made, no freestyle bikes, no completes, no change of
    ownership or buyouts. The JMC team was hand-picked by Jim and always
    included some of the fastest on the race track: Harry Leary, Clint
    Miller, Andy Patterson, Kim Jarboe, Carl Butler, Jason Wharton and one
    of my biggest influences to this day, Darrell Young. Two of my best
    friends were part of the JMC family as well. Solan Foster held a spot
    on the factory squad during his hey day as a National champ and Jeff
    Venekamp, part of the JMC support team, was always treated like part of
    the family. JMC closed down, with dignity, in the mid 80s, but the
    legacy has never faded. Jim himself kept the brand alive in the hearts
    of many of his fans and friends with detailed records of production
    dates, models and where and when specific frames were sold. In recent
    years, Jim attended many vintage BMX events and was gracious, friendly
    and always elated to see his old BMX family. I remember at a vintage
    event in Rockford, a few years ago, I was with Solan as we approached
    Jim. When he realized it was Solan in front of him, it was as if he had
    been reunited with a long-lost son. Truly a heart-warming moment. Rest
    in Peace, Jim, your presence and influence will always be cherished.
    Session 202/365 #rideeveryday #longliveJMC @solanfoster

  7. Kids, skids and Druids. Session 201/365 #rideeveryday #mykidsareawesome

  8. Only.

  9. Merry Christmas @mikeyseals photo by @bicyclemotocross

  10. Pichito