1. I would never eat at a restaurant with a “whites only” sign on the door, I don’t know why I would skate a park that doesn’t allow bikes. I can’t believe this is still an issue. I love skateboarding, but this discrimination makes me so fucking angry. It’s 2014. Get over it. #fu

  2. Knight Rider. Session 113/365. #rideeveryday #michaelknight #kitcar

  3. I’m digging this bike so much. The only sound it makes when you drop it is that basketball bounce from the tires. It’s just solid. A lot of dudes my age are looking at that dream car/house/boat/all of the above and I’d be lying if I said I don’t have motorcycle pipe dreams, but having the perfect tools for my real passion is awesome. Session 113/365. #rideveryday #wheeliewalker

  4. Packin’ ‘em steep and sellin’ ‘em cheap. Trying to build these things right this year. Filling in tight transitions, widening rollers and rebuilding berms to correct weird angles is a shitload of work and tons of earth moving (by hand), but if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Happy Earth day. #nodignoride #digtrails #inittonotwinanything

  5. No pegs, no brakes, no worries. Session 112/365 #noworriesmon #selfmade #selfish #selfless #sellout #selfcontained #selsilverstein

  6. Digging time, rain or shine (preferably rain). #digtrails #nodignoride

  7. A proper trails mo-chine. #whereyourbrakesareat @fbm_bike_co

  8. Forgot the lock on the family bike ride, so we utilized the pile technique.

  9. The main line still needs so much work to be rideable, I decided to shift my focus to get the pump track at least operable. Zig-zag dubs are go. Session 111/365 #rideeveryday #digtrails

  10. Happy Easter, peeps. Kane #photobomb