1. Freedom of expression.

  2. I have not been taking the nice weather for granted lately and I’ve ridden my jumps every day I’ve been home, but going back to the barn for session 209 was just fine. I love it all. 209/365 #rideeveryday

  3. Setting new boards for skate camp. Let’s get awsome!

  4. Never seent nothing like it afore. #hailno

  5. Wasn’t kidding about the hail (that’s the white stuff).

  6. Went out and got lost for awhile and was having a great ride. I stopped for a drink and saw the darkness rolling in. Three minutes later, I was in a downpour, then lightning then hail. It hurt like hell and I have the welts to prove it, but I motored on and old girl got us home. #allinaday #xs650 #lovehate

  7. Up and running. #xs650

  8. Quite a few people have asked me about the differences between the Sunday Model C I rode for the last couple of years and the Cult Duff cruiser I just recently got on. The model C was designed specifically to ride just like a 20 inch bike, but with the stability of the larger 24 inch wheels and it does. I loved that bike, but it wasn’t ideal for racing. It was a little heavier and the top tube was fairly short which made it a little tight coming out of the gate. The Cult has more traditional cruiser geometry. The front triangle is longer, as are the rear stays. The bottom bracket is lower than the Sunday, which makes it a little more stable at speed. The frame is aluminum, instead of chromoly, so it is significantly lighter. I’m really loving the way it rides. Two bikes for two different purposes, but I think this one is just what I needed for the track and trails. Plus, since I don’t drink beer anymore, I can live vicariously through Duff Man and Homer. Session 208/365 #rideeveryday #prayingmantis #cruiserkook

  9. 12:10 AM. I got it all buttoned up and put back together. Started right up. Put my helmet on for a test ride and it blew a fuse as I was turning it around to leave. I’ll file this one under “Devine intervention” and go to bed. #xs650 #forsalesoon #wired

  10. Session 207/365. #rideeveryday #kerouac #dharmabums